John Duran

John Duran is the pastor and overseer at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in the Apostles Doctrine. He came to know the Lord Jesus Christ when Bishop Hernandez spoke to him about the saving grace of the Lord in 1994. Once he found out about Gods plan of salvation, he was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ on July 11th, 1994. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost on August 4, 1994. Sister Deena Duran, his wife, soon followed. Since then, they have been striving to bring others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  In 2004, Elder John Duran was ordained overseer of the congregation, a position that he had desired and has since fulfilled to this day. In 2006, through his vision and hard work, he established Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in the Apostles Doctrine Inc. in the Kendall area.

In the summer of 1998, Pastor John alongside Bishop Hernandez, established the first ever Apostolic Day. This event which is held yearly and features seminars, worship services, youth events and leadership meetings. Pastor John has also been instrumental in coordinationg home bible studies, youth activities, outings and many different outreaches in order to help encourage those who have a desire to learn about God’s word. Pastor John and Sister Deena along with their children Emily and Danny have a great love for the works of the Lord and they are a true example of the TRUE and UNSELFISH love of Christ. Pastor John and Sister Deena have opened their home for fellowship, bible studies, and even to just enjoy a time of fellowship. It has been a wonderful blessing to have Pastor John Duran lead the flock of God.


Eli Castaneda

Eli Castaneda was born in San Bernardino California on June, 13 1992. His parents are Rafael and Agustina Castaneda. He is the oldest of his three siblings, Isaac, Rebecca and Levi. His parents decided to move to Houston, Texas in the year 1993. There they raised him and assisted the United Hispanic Pentecostal Church. He attended Sunday school regularly and was involved in church activities as a young boy. As he grew older he became involved in music and began to play in home bible studies. Eli played the piano for the youth class for 4 years. He also played the piano for the church choir. Eli assisted his local school and graduated in 2010 from Klein Forest High school, he assisted community college for 2 years. In June 2014 he visited Miami Florida, Eli returned to Houston and 3 months later he moved to Miami Florida permanently. He served at "The Pentecostal Cathedral" for 1 year, the Lord then called him to serve at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. He currently serves as an Elder and is the Worship leader at Cornerstone working with Pastor John Duran. 


Mike Hernandez

Bishop Mike Hernandez, has been faithfully working in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ since 1977. From a very young age he had was thought the word of God. His mother, being a Christian, raised her children in the ways of the Lord. In August of 1974, he was baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. After receiving the Holy Ghost, the following day, he began his journey as a servant for the Lord. In 1978 he was ordained a Minister. In 1979 while listening to the radio, he heard the Whole Truth Radio Broadcast which was aired from the sanctuary of The Church in the Lord Jesus Christ in Darlington, South Carolina where the late Bishop L. Hunter was the Pastor. Minister Hernandez would travel by car, bus and airplane to attend services. After a few years there, he began having bible studies in his home in Miami. While only a couple of people were visiting, he continued to preach the word and witness to the souls that hungered for fulfillment. At times, there would only be a few, but the Lord was always in the midst. One by one they came and the congregation began to grow. By this time, he had converted his home into the place of worship. In 1986 he was ordained an Elder and continued travelling around the United States and Mexico encouraging brethren to continue to seek the Lord. In 1987, he met Sister Lisa, in Mexico, who three years later became his wife.

Together, Bishop and his wife continued to work and more souls began to be drawn in. Bishop Hernandez and Elder John Duran are also reponsible for the establishing of Apostolic Day. This event which started back in 1998 is held yearly and features seminars, worship services, youth events and leadership meetings. In 1996 after much hard work, the Lord blessed Bishop Hernandez and his congregation with a building for worship. Since then, Bishop Hernandez has continued to labor in the vineyard of the Lord. He has taught, encouraged, and helped the saints of God everywhere he has gone. Bishop Hernandez has taught his congregation how to love one another by being an example. He has taught us how to win souls and how to guide them to continue in the ways of God. He has given everything he has to the works of the Lord; therefore, the Lord has blessed him greatly. He is the father of four beautiful children: Joel, William, Edith, and Stephanie.  In 2003, Bishop was led to continue working for the Lord in the Okeechobee and Fort Pierce areas. Let us continue to pray for Bishop M.J. Hernandez and his family so that the Lord may continue to use him to be an encouragement to others.


Xavier Ondaro

Xavier Ondaro is the Deacon and Treasurer of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. He was baptized in 1996 and has since been laboring in the vineyard of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has participated in church activities which include evangelizing, feeding the homeless, hospital outreach, youth outings, church construction and whatever his hands have found to do. After proving his faithfulness to the Lord, he was ordained Deacon and continued to help win souls for the kingdom of God. He and his family continue to serve others as they serve the Lord. He has been a great help to Pastor John Duran in the organization and the implementation of new programs.

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